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Peter Brooks is BROOKS TREE CARE ...

Peter Brooks, a third generation native son of Tiburon, California. The 5th of 6 kids, he grew up exploring the local train yard, hills and beaches around town, sailing the San Francisco Bay and riding his locally built mountain bike down Mt. Tamalpais ~ really fast.

He began his company in 1984 for a number of reasons; for he is a leader, not a good follower. Peter is not the type to sit behind a desk all day, he loves the outdoors and he has an extensive knowledge and appreciation of our local flora and fauna. He has a fearless personality which pushed him to climb trees as tall as 200 ft. combined with the intelligence to prune or remove them safely in difficult situations for over 30 years.

When he first began his career, working for an established tree company, he noticed that trees were being mutilated by climbers who didn't know the first thing about tree physiology, nor the art of form & balance. This made him cringe. He saw the need for the implementation of proper pruning techniques to keep trees healthy, so he joined the International Society of Arboriculture in it's early formative years and has Certified Arborist Certification # 319. His certification number could have been even lower if the governing board had accepted his initial, valuable training time spent with The Marin Conservation Corps, where he spent most of every day in massive Eucalyptus trees.

His desire to care for trees as a whole system made up of roots, trunk and canopy, was not shared by his first employers. They felt that performing the service requested by the client was enough.

And so, the seeds were planted...

A man of many interests, Peter attended classes at College of Marin in horticulture, biology, geology, anthropology, and in ceramics where he refined his sculpting skills, tuning his sense of balance & symmetry. An avid reader, he studied Native Plants, Arboriculture, Meteorology, Aquaculture, Geology and Native American Culture with a fervent curiosity. All of these subjects are still impassioned hobbies of his to this day.

A natural teacher, one of his favorite pastimes is leading family and friends on plant identification missions, trekking around Marin, all the while explaining the unique geology and describing the lives of the native peoples who lived here thousands of years before us, sometimes even finding artifacts along the way. A hike with Peter is always a fun and informative expedition!

After college, Peter was accepted into the elite tree climbing crew of the Marin Conservation Corps. There he learned his craft of climbing, safety, rigging and proper pruning techniques. Peter instantly felt at home in the trees, working high above the ground appealed to his sense of adventure. He has many years of experience high climbing Eucalyptus, Redwood and Fir trees that tower above 100 ft..

After graduating from the Arboriculture and Climbing Course, he spent the summer mountain climbing in Colorado, where he trained in technical rock climbing, wilderness first aid, rescue, leadership and survival skill.

In 1984 he had acquired enough tenure to take and pass the Arborist Certification Exam given by the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and obtained his California State Contractors License as well.

Peter started Brooks Tree Care, choosing to keep his company small in order to keep the standards high. He takes great pride in exceeding his clients expectations. He does so with the finest quality of craftsmanship, extensive knowledge and experience, and his strong, core character of integrity and honesty. Always striving to give you the best value for your money. All the while with a twinkle in his eye, for he truly loves what he does.

Please read the testimonials from some of his many satisfied clients about his hard work, creativity and sense of humor. His character is what makes Brooks Tree Care what it is.